DOTTO STUDIO is a team of people who design with passion,
commitment, and are convinced in the legitimacy of the things they create.
We have many years of experience in the industry.

We create and collaborate on projects,
which are successful on the Polish and foreign markets.
We focus on the high level of communication of our team and
information flow to respond quickly to customer needs.


We follow the 360o marketing concept.
As part of GBT Group we are able to provide
a wide range of comprehensive services starting with logos, leaflets, catalogs
through videos, video spots, social media campaigns,
media planning and reporting, and ending with
dedicated ERP applications and IT services.

We approach the needs of each customer individually,
we are not afraid of challenges, we focus on high quality.
We conduct specialized training for our regular clients.
Our success is the real profit of our customers.

Dotto mean only, or maybe even "dot". Small, inconspicuous, and can change so much.
Stippling (making art with dots), tedious and laborious work, but the end result is worth the sacrifice. It turns out that "working in a group" you can create something extraordinary. This was our goal when we decided to start our studio. In addition, inspired by the country of cherry blossoms, life philosophy and design, we have created Dotto Studio.


Every company should have a "fingerprint" that will distinguish it from the competition


The logo design must reflect the business profile, but does not need to directly inform about it


The design should stand out from the competition with a clear and unique feature


"Sailing" on the wave of trends that last for one season is never a good idea


The logo should be legible and identify the brand even on a very small surface


The simplest solution is the best. The more details, the easier it is to make a mistake


Want to create a new brand? You are just starting a business? Contact us.

We help you to create a brand image from the beginning. If you do not have a name then we start with naming, then we will create a unique logo with full visual identity and a brand book containing business cards, letterheads, leaflets and much more. Everything perfectly tailored to your business and your individual needs, maintained in one consistent convention. We work with both large and small companies, do not be afraid to contact us. Every customer is treated like a "big fish", because large companies are often created in "garages".

We make individual evaluations so we are able to handle such a wide range of customers. We adapt to your needs and requirements. We will create unique brand DNA that will make you proud.

branding with Dotto Studio


Want to freshen up your company image? Or maybe completely change it? Rebranding is no stranger to us! We will analyze all scenarios, identify risks and opportunities, advise you whether we should change everything or just "this and that". Or maybe the change is not needed at all and can compromise company status, value and visibility in the market?

Rebranding projects start with a detailed assessment of the current brand image. We will not persuade you to go against the image of your company. We create modern and closely related images with a strategy that is consistent with the identity of the company. Sometimes minor changes or reorganization are enough. We do not care about forcing the use of our service but about your success, so we will choose the perfect action for your brand. YOUR IMAGE BUILDS US.

Rebranding z agencją dotto studio



logos, naming, Brand books (trademarks), company supplies, business cards, letterheads, e-mails, folders


advertising materials, stands and rollups, visualizations, flyers, stickers, catalogs, banners


change or refreshment of all existing image elements, support for product / service transformation and PR


promotional spots, promotional videos, logos animations, presentations, mobile applications, websites, consulting, marketing, e-commerce, hardware and services

We invite you to join us for a free consultation.